• Parking / Camping and Merch is paid with loose cash,
  • Do you need to withdraw cash, there are ATM at Willys located next door to the festival.
  • Those of you who bought only Saturday ticket can only redeem your ticket on Saturday.
  • Cameras:
    -We have no camera ban, but a Telephoto Lens is NOT allowed.
  • Earplugs! Remember that there will be live music constantly from opening to closing
  • Do not forget ID, if you can´t identify that you are over 18,  we can not give you a drink pass.
    – If we see that someone buys alcohol to someone who doesn’t have a drinking pass, that person will be banned!
  • Throw garbage where garbage is supposed to be -in garbage cans! Keep it clean and tidy.



  • The campsite is ONLY for festival goers, ticket may be presented.
  • Strictly forbidden to camp on fire roads!
  • Generators:
    We have no prohibition on power stations, but we have strict rules of conduct that must be followed.
    – Those of you who have generators must also have fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers.
    – The generator must not stand directly on the ground.
    – The generator should not be operated by intoxicated
    – The generator must not be left unattended
    – The generator must NOT be used at night
    – The generator may not be used if you disturb your camping neighbors with it.
  • The parking lot and campground will only handle loose cash, please bring even money!
  • Throw garbage where garbage is supposed to be -in garbage cans! Keep it clean and tidy.

Basic Facts:

Common fucking manners will get you far.
Think about what you are doing and be nice to other festival goers, then there will be no problems.

Of course, weapons and drugs of all kinds are not allowed, nor to bring your own drink into the festival.