Doula Infernum Logotype

Prepare for a mesmerizing ritual as Doula Infernum takes the stage. Emerging in 2023, Doula Infernum boasts prominent members including Nicklas Rudolfsson (The Funeral Orchestra, Runemagick, ex-Sacramentum), Dísa Ástriðardóttir Åhman (Draugurinn) and Christian Johansson (The Funeral Orchestra, Irkallian Oracle). Their presence alone guarantees a performance of unparalleled depth.

This unique ensemble transcends traditional genre boundaries, melding the essence of metal, folk, and dark ambient into a hauntingly intricate shadow.

Join us as Doula Infernum crafts an auditory journey that is bound to leave an indelible mark on all who witness it.

Expect something extraordinarily spectacular—more information to follow!