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This year, the chilling winds of Hultsfred beckon the return of KHOLD, an unparalleled force in the realm of dark metal. Following their unforgettable performance at Mörkaste Småland in 2015, they are set to captivate and mesmerize once more as they enter the intimate stage at Slaktmånad. Ready to deliver a unique and immersive live show, they are fueled by the power of their brand new album, “Du dømmes til Død,” released on the 22nd of March!

Since their debut in 2001 with “Masterpiss of Pain,” KHOLD has carved a distinctive niche within the Norwegian Black Metal scene and beyond. Their sound—a compelling blend of the genre’s profound darkness with an almost rock’n’roll drive and groove—is unparalleled. KHOLD’s music stands as a testament to their evolutionary prowess, showcasing an unwavering commitment to the essence of black metal while navigating its boundaries with unmatched artistry.