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The Band That Sparked the Flame of Mörkaste Småland!

After ten years of persistent efforts to book them, the thrash metal titans MEZZROW are finally set for their long-awaited appearance!
Devotees who have heard the story of “Mörkaste Småland” are well aware that the very concept of this extreme music festival sprouted from an evening of beer, camaraderie, and the roaring soundtrack of MEZZROW’s “Then Came the Killing,” which played on and birthed the vision for a festival dedicated to extreme music.

Carving their indelible mark in the volatile late 80s thrash scene, Mezzrow earned critical acclaim with their demo tapes “Frozen Soul” and “Cross of Tormention.” Their seminal 1990 debut album, “Then Came the Killing,” has withstood the ravages of time, revered as a touchstone of the genre—arguably the zenith of thrash metal from Sweden and, indeed, the entirety of Scandinavia.

Last year, Mezzrow shattered the silence, rising from the graves with a new album that affirms their relentless thrash prowess and dispels any notions of them being a mere nostalgic act. Prepare to be engulfed by the resurgence of the legends, where past and present collide in a ferocious crescendo of thrash metal excellence!