Nazghor band picture


In the abyssal depths of a desolate winter night, shrouded in the sinister embrace of the unholy city of Uppsala, a force of pure darkness emerged. Behold the malevolent entity known as Nazghor! Since their inception in November 2012, Nazghor has unleashed seven unholy opuses, each bearing witness to their mastery of a relentless and melodic black metal of death. With a divine blend of excellent melodies, a hauntingly dark atmosphere, and an unyielding raw power, Nazghor’s sonic assault invokes a chilling resonance that resonates deep within the souls of their devoted followers. Having graced stages across Europe and supported esteemed acts like Batushka and Uada, Nazghor’s presence is a force to behold. Surrender to their sinister symphony and discover the boundless abyss of their blackened artistry.