Picture from a performance with Øyvår

Øyvår Gråæl

Black Metal Satirist, stand-up Comedia

Prepare to be enthralled by the irreverent genius of Øyvår Gråæl, the pioneer of black metal satire.

With a razor-sharp wit and devilish charm, Øyvår fearlessly delves into taboo subjects, provoking laughter and contemplation. Brace yourself for a wild and unpredictable ride that may sting your ego, as Øyvår challenges the very essence of the genre. Through audacious exploration, Øyvår tests the resilience of the black metal faithful, eliciting laughter and introspection in unexpected ways. Surrender to Øyvår’s comedic journey and embrace the absurdity of life itself, for this master of ceremonies will lead you on a rib-tickling expedition where no topic is off-limits.