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Get ready for the revival of true ’90s blackened death metal as Spazmosity has reemerged from the graves! Born from the dark heart of Stockholm’s underground scene in 1994, this band quickly made its mark with an intense and raw sound, epitomized by their critically acclaimed demo “Storm Metal,” and their later full-length release, “Welcome Death,” from 2010.

Even as the band entered a long hiatus and the members explored other projects, such as Grá, Cursed 13, Valkyrja, and Grave, the spirit of Spazmosity remained unquenched. Now, 30 years after their inception, they have reemerged, fueled by a legacy of terror and death that has not diminished over the decades. Prepare for an unforgettable show where Spazmosity will prove why their music has endured, becoming stronger and more terrifying than ever.