Helwegen Jewelry

Mika, the visionary behind these exquisite creations, is a self-taught silversmith whose journey began in 2016.

With dedication and passion, she has shaped her artistic path, each stroke and bend of metal a testament to her artistic evolution. Step into a world where history and artistry entwine, where metal is molded into elegant narratives of expression. Helvegen Jewelry beckons you to explore the realm of silver, where each piece is more than an ornament—it’s a statement of individuality and a tribute to ages past.

For eons, humanity has adorned itself with precious metals, weaving stories through every glimmering thread. Helvegen Jewelry, a guardian of this ancient tradition, crafts handmade silver treasures that speak to the soul. Drawing inspiration from the annals of history, from the resolute Viking Age to the mystique of the Middle Ages, the very essence of nature, and the boundless realms of creativity, each piece becomes a masterpiece.