He embarked on his artistic journey under the name Necroshorns a decade ago, and two years later, he made his debut exhibition at none other than the Mörkaste Småland Festival!

This initial showcase featured his wood-burning art. Since then, he has become a prominent presence at numerous festivals, carving out a renowned reputation in the global underground scene. Most notably, he has distinguished himself as a photographer, receiving assignments from around the world. His portfolio now boasts several iconic photographs of black metal musicians.

Now, he returns with a powerful 10-year anniversary exhibition, featuring large prints that encapsulate a decade in the service of darkness! Experience this spectacular showcase at Valhall on Saturday. Necroshorns will be present throughout the festival, also hosting a smaller exhibition and selling his work within the main festival grounds on both days. Don’t miss this chance to witness the dark and captivating art of a true underground legend!