skaufylla - Pest


Presenting the enigmatic visionary behind Skaufylla, a name inspired by the Norwegian term “skaufyll,” vividly depicting the act of becoming one with nature through the haze of intoxication (getting piss drunk in the woods). Let the wilderness resonate through each brushstroke, capturing the very essence of solitude amidst nature’s grandeur and the flickering embrace of a waning fire.

Devoid of formal education, the artist embarked on this creative journey, propelled by the urge to adorn barren walls and the limitations of a constrained budget. Within a realm steeped in inspiration, Skaufylla turned to the medium of oil painting, echoing the ethos of van Gogh’s fondness for absinthe and homemade wine.

In the realm of artistry, the artist willingly adopts the mantle of Skaufylla, interweaving the threads of his creations into the very essence of this appellation. By day, a mere figure in the silent clasp of unemployment, yet by night, his canvases awaken with the enchantment of woodland magic and the dance of flickering flames within twilight’s embrace.