In the shadowed corners of artistic extremity emerges a name that resonates with the very essence of the macabre: Vrangsinn!

Known globally as the infamous bass player of CARPATHIAN FOREST, here, he emerges not as a musician, but as a Morbid Extremist Painter.

With furious strokes and unbridled rage, he delves into the realms of the disturbing, crafting his masterpieces from the raw materials of violence, organic matter, coal, bones, insects, and the very essence of his being – his own blood and pubic hair. Each creation is a visceral testament to the depths of human darkness, a visual symphony of raw emotions and taboo-shattering expressions.

Prepare to be enraptured and horrified, for in Vrangsinn’s art, the boundaries of the ordinary are obliterated, and the viewers are compelled to confront the primal, the grotesque, and the unapologetically visceral. Step into his realm and brace yourself for an artistic odyssey that will challenge the very core of your sensibilities. Embrace the darkness; it’s where true art finds its voice.