Mörkaste Småland/Darkest Småland (Småland is the geographic region of Sweden in which we are located)

In darkest Småland  was originally an expression for the conservative cultural climate and the High-Churchism in Växjö, the church and residential capital of this region at the time. The expression came to be in year 1893. Today it is more often used to describe the nature in Småland (with deep, dark forests) than the cultural climate. -Freely translated from Wikipedia

In our case the concept is just as applicable on the music. Whether the cultural climate is conservative or not up to this day is up for debate. Regardless, we offer both conservative Black Metal as well as avantgarde and boundary breaking acts. Hardly is there any talk about High-Churchism. On the contrary, we focus on the genuinely dark and real, far beyond the grace of god. We believe that we are quite alone throwing this kind of event in this size and we take great pride in offering acts of abolute top quality in a conceptually fit surrounding, all in one of the best venues in the south of Sweden.

See you in Darkest Småland!