Mörkaste Småland Festival Camp, Next to Metropol!

Camping Tickets:

We will have a small festival camp next to Metropol this year as well! Bare in mind that the camp is only a place to put up your tent, motorhome or camper, we can not offer electricity or showers. There will however be water toilets and sinks adjacent to the camp. Camping fee is 100 SEK / person for the whole festival.

Camp opens 1400 on friday and closes on sunday !
(you are free to camp from Thursday, but the official camp-opening is set to Friday, so there won’t be any
personnel at the area until then)

  • The campsite is ONLY for festival goers, ticket may be presented.
  • Strictly forbidden to camp on fire roads!
  • Generators:
    We have no prohibition on power stations, but we have strict rules of conduct that must be followed.
    – Those of you who have generators must also have fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers.
    – The generator must not stand directly on the ground.
    – The generator should not be operated by intoxicated
    – The generator must not be left unattended
    – The generator must NOT be used at night
    – The generator may not be used if you disturb your camping neighbors with it.
  • If buying your camping ticket when arriving, bear in mind that the personnel at the camping only handle loose cash, please bring even money!
  • Throw garbage where garbage is supposed to be -in garbage cans! Keep it clean and tidy.

NOTE: Campsite only intended for the festival visitors. Ticket may be presented..