Festival Transportation

We provide shuttle for festival goers having accomodation at Klostergård.

This transportation will cost 50:- /trip and can be payed either by swish or cash.
We will drive twice before the festival so you either can come early for lunch and other activities, or arrive in time for the opening.
The transport will then go back to Klostergård after the bands have played, about 01:00 (this page will be updated with more accurate time further ahead)


Klostergård –> Hotel Hulingen
17:00 and 19:00

Hotel Hulingen –>Klostergård
Ca 01:00


Klostergård –> Hotel Hulingen
14:00 and 17:00

Hotel Hulingen –>Klostergård
Ca 01:00



For other distances Målilla Taxi is (should be) having regular taxi service during the festival.

-Please contact them in advance and notify that you will need taxi during Slaktmånad! –

Phone:    +46 495 – 200 47 / +46 72-566 90 03


important information.

Due to few bookings at Klostergård our main transportation buss is canceled. But we will do some driving our selves in a mini van. This is of course an unforeseen cost to us and because of Swedish regulations we are not allowed to accept payment for transportations (because we are no taxi service).. We do appreciate and gladly accept a gift when traveling with us to keep the transportation going, for example 50:- cash or swish.  (bare in mind that we have no obligation to accept everyone to ride with us, this is now a private service for the sake of good, and is for festival goers living at Klostergård only)