enlistment closed for the moment!


Enlist to become a propaganda soldier!
Help us spread the propaganda and you will receive salvation through exclusive gifts !

1 x Mörkaste Småland patch
1 x Propaganda Soldier patch (strictly exclusive for Propaganda soldiers!)
1 x 10% Festival discount voucher

But becoming an foot soldier doesn’t come free!
You need to prove yourself worthy of carrying the soldier mark and report back to us with pictures of your raids.
If you don’t make any efforts of spreading our propaganda you will be charged for the postage, patch and the discount voucher.
You are also not eligible to wear the propaganda patch which has to be returned to us!

ENLIST by sending an e-mail to info@morkastesmaland. with your name, address, and area to cover.
If possible, add your mobile phone number, for easier information when package is ready to be picked up.
When uploading pictures of your raids
on social media, please tag your post with: #morkastesmaland #mörkastesmåland